Revival of Grays Harbor is..
A community ran, nonreligious, nondiscriminatory, 501 c3 nonprofit organization that strives to provide shelter, safety and services to the most vulnerable homeless population in Grays Harbor, WA.
How are we different from other current programs or resources in Grays Harbor?
-We serve anyone and everyone who needs help.
-We serve active drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals.
-We serve individuals, couples and families*. 
-We serve those with animal companions.
-We serve the LGBTQ population.
-We serve every single race, nationality and religion.
-We serve the mentally unstable, the elderly and the disabled. 
-We utilize current resources and programs to meet the needs of our homeless population, before implementing new services for the individuals we serve.
-We work closely with local business owners, programs, shelters, city officials, first responders, the local police department, churches, the county and the state to ensure all perspectives and opinions are addressed.
-We encourage everyone in our community to play a part in the solution. We recognize that everyone has unique talents, skills, experiences and resources to bring to the table. We celebrate the differences between one another!






Our Mission


Revival of Grays Harbor is here to help the homeless community in Grays Harbor. To
reach out to those who may not be able to help themselves. We successfully do this
through the values we hold.


                                                  Our Vision

Together we promise to provide safety, service and shelter while acknowledging our


Our Values

  • We treat others, each other and ourselves with Respect.

  • We bring no judgment and give our love and compassion to all.

  • We are here to serve those less fortunate.

  • We hold the utmost integrity, trustworthiness and honesty.

  • We support these rules and communicate when they are not upheld.

Phil Calloway


Dawn Huntsman
Jordan Prosch

Vice President

Sawnie Geer