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A campsite in the river homeless encampment

Serving Lunches At The River Camp
Community Events

Revival recently held a Donation Drive at our local Aberdeen Walmart and had a great turnout!

Revival volunteers helped plant flowers around downtown for Aberdeen Beautification Day.

Cannabis 21 held the 4/21 Freak Show where they had games, prizes and performers. They donated all of the game proceeds to Revival of Grays Harbor! We had board members and Interns working an info booth there explaining what we do. We thank Cannabis 21 for their generosity!

Founders Day Parade

Festival Of Lights Parade

Aberdeen Art Walk

Revival of Grays Harbor reserved a booth at the Aberdeen Art Walk so some of our homeless friends can sell their handmade items while volunteers give information about what we do.

Christmas At The Cold Weather Shelter

Revival of Grays Harbor knows the joys the holiday season brings, unfortunately, the homeless don't get those same joys with the greater needs of trying to stay warm, dry and fed taking precedence. We wanted to bring some of the holiday joy back to them. Our volunteers worked hard to cook a large Christmas feast for our friends with all the comfort holiday foods of home with turkey, stuffing, potatoes and dessert. We had a Christmas tree our friends helped decorate and Santa even stopped by and passed out Christmas stockings to everyone!


Revival of Grays Harbor has hardworking and caring volunteers. They touch many peoples lives and are greatly appreciated. Thank you Volunteers!

Thank You For Your Support!

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