Revival of Grays Harbor collaborates with other non profits, local business owners, churches, government and the community to give a hand up to Grays Harbor's homeless. The support given continues to build opportunity for us to help our homeless. 

Day Center

Revival of Grays Harbor is currently displaced and searching for a new location.


Revival of Grays Harbor had partnered with Grays Harbor College to allow students in Human and Social Services to Intern at the Day Center.


Due to our temporary displacement, we are unable to offer this service at this time but plan to once reopened. 

Serving on the streets.

Revival of Grays Harbor and Volunteers strive to help as many of Grays Harbor's homeless as possible. This means visiting homeless friends where they are located, to provide laundry services, rides to appointments and other necessities. 

Laundry Assistance

Revival has an account at Valley Cleaners that clients can utilize for laundry assistance.

Donations to this account must be made in person at Valley Cleaners. 

Hygiene Kits At Walmart

Our local Aberdeen Walmart had sold pre-made hygiene kits for Revival of Grays Harbor in the past and are willing to help again once we re-open.

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