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Revival of Grays Harbor collaborates with other non profits, local business owners, churches, government and the community to give a hand up to Grays Harbor's homeless. The support given continues to build opportunity for us to help our homeless. 

Day Center

Revival of Grays Harbor has opened a day center where homeless members of our community can eat lunches, receive clothing and hygiene products, meet with our interns and just stay warm and dry. This is also where our donation drop off is.


The Day Center is located at

115 W. Heron St. Aberdeen, WA


Day Center open every

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-4pm.

Donations accepted

Monday-Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday 10am-2pm.


Revival of Grays Harbor has partnered with Grays Harbor College to allow students in Human and Social Services to Intern at the Day Center.


They get to know members of our local homeless community and assist them in many ways such as applying for medical coverage, applying for treatment, applying for jobs, looking for housing, and many other ways.


This helps the homeless while giving the Interns real world experience. 

Serving on the streets.

Revival of Grays Harbor and Volunteers strive to help as many of Grays Harbor's homeless as possible. This means visiting homeless friends next to the river, in alley ways and at tent communities to provide, food, shelter and other necessities. 

Road Warriors

Road Warriors was started by Revival of Grays Harbor board members Tracy Clayton and Skye Clayton with the idea of working side by side with volunteers from the homeless community to do street clean up around Aberdeen.

If you know of a particular area that could use some attention, please message the Road Warrior Facebook page at


Hygiene Kits At Walmart

Our local Aberdeen Walmart is currently selling pre-made hygiene kits for Revival of Grays Harbor at the register!

You can purchase one (or more) at check out and your cashier will put it in a bin to be brought over and given out at our Day Center.